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Jul. 29, 2019

Precise Series MEMS Microphones

DB Unlimited's Precise Series high-performance MEMS microphones meet the demands of the next-generation IoT products

With their Precise series, DB Unlimited has established a standard lineup of high-performance MEMS microphones to meet the demands of next-generation IoT products. The entire series holds a tolerance of ±1 dB, ranging in sensitivity options from -42 dB to as high as -26 dB. These microphones are available in both analog and digital PDM outputs with versatile mounting options, giving users the option to mount the microphone on either the top or bottom PCB. These microphones feature a tight sensitivity tolerance and high signal to noise ratio for applications where they are critical, such as those using wake word detection (WWD) or audio interrupt.

Precise Series Highlights:

  • Entire line of precise ±1 dB sensitivity
  • Variety of configurations
  • Broad frequency spectrum
  • High S/N ratio
  • High sensitivities
  • Broad frequency ranges

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