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Whether you are working on a handheld medical device that is power conscious or a piece of emergency room equipment that needs an alarm to hit a certain output level, DB Unlimited is here to offer our superior expertise and design support to make your development journey easier.

We understand the stringent quality requirements of medical applications. We have the processes and procedures in place to support our medical customers. We welcome you to audit our manufacturing facilities and can provide you with details on all the raw materials that go into our products.

We appreciate that the needs of each medical customer are different and often require customization in order to achieve their desired results. From the simple adding of a specific length of lead wire, all the way to designing a custom product from scratch, DB Unlimited has the resources and commitment to serve the needs of our customers.

We have the largest and most comprehensive offering of audio products in the industry. All of these choices can be somewhat overwhelming, so we have put together a quick search below geared specifically for medical applications as a way to help you get started on your development journey.

Related Products
Part # Image TechnologyResonant Frequency (Hz)Rated Voltage (V)SPL @ 10cm (dBA)Height (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)ToneMount TypeSound PortWashableMax Input Voltage (V)Voltage Range (V)Max Rated Current (mA)RoHSHousing MaterialHousing ColorShapeWeight (g)Connection MethodLead Wire Length (mm)Pin Spacing 1 (mm)Pin Spacing 2 (mm)Pin Length 1 (mm)Pin Length 2 (mm)Operating Temp (°C)Storage Temp (°C)Contact MaterialSPL @ 30cm (dBA)Special FeaturesAdditional Mount Type
TE054003-1Electro-Mechanical40003782.005.005.00Surface MountTopNo42 ~ 4100LCPBlackRectangle0.12Surface Mount Pads-30 ~ +70-30 ~ +70Copper68
TE082305-1Electro-Mechanical23505874.008.508.50Surface MountSideNo73 ~ 790LCPBlackRectangle0.60Surface Mount Pads-30 ~ +70-30 ~ +70Copper77
TE142705-1Electro-Mechanical27305873.0011.0014.00Surface MountSideNo64 ~ 670LCPBlackRectangle1.00Surface Mount Pads-20 ~ +70-20 ~ +70Copper77
TE092603-1Electro-Mechanical26703.6903.209.609.60Surface MountSideNo52 ~ 580LCPBlackRound0.50Surface Mount Pads-30 ~ +70-30 ~ +70Copper80
TP114105-2Piezo41005751.709.0011.00Surface MountTopNo251 ~ 255LCPBlackRectangle0.25Surface Mount Pads-20 ~ +70-40 ~ +85Copper65
TE122405-2Electro-Mechanical240058510.0012.0012.00Thru HoleTopYes83 ~ 850NORYLBlackRound2.00PC Pins6.503.30-40 ~ +85-40 ~ +85Copper75
TP144009-1Piezo40009806.7014.0014.00Thru HoleTopYes201 ~ 207NORYLBlackRound1.00PC Pins7.604.50-20 ~ +70-20 ~ +70Copper70
TP164009-1Piezo40009804.0016.5016.50Flush MountTopNo301 ~ 307ABSBlackRound1.00Wire Leads100-20 ~ +60-20 ~ +6070
IP134012-1Piezo400012807.5013.8013.80Single ToneThru HoleTopYes163 ~ 167NORYLBlackRound1.00PC Pins7.605.504.00-20 ~ +60-30 ~ +70Copper70
IP432812-1Piezo28001211014.0043.0043.00Single ToneThru HoleTopNo203 ~ 2012ABSBlackRound11.00PC Pins25.405.70-20 ~ +60-30 ~ +70Copper100
IP412812-1Piezo28001210616.0041.8041.80Single ToneFlange MountTopNo201.5 ~ 2010ABSBlackRound15.00Wire Leads140-20 ~ +60-30 ~ +7096
SM150808-2Dynamic850874.0015.0015.00Surface MountLCPBlackRectangle1.50Surface Mount Pads-30 ~ +85-30 ~ +85Copper77
P20039-1Piezo39000.2220.0020.0030Round0.40-20 ~ +60-30 ~ +70
P35028-1Piezo28000.5335.0035.0030Round3.00-20 ~ +60-30 ~ +70
SP500408-1Dynamic4508512.2050.0050.00Flush MountMETALsilverRound14.80Solder Eyelets-20 ~ +60-20 ~ +60NIL75