Technical Articles


SW and MW IP ratings

The IP ratings of DB Unlimited products are based on the materials and construction methods used in production. These designs have been tested in laboratory conditions and meet the assigned ratings from the front when mounted appropriately. Additional sealing materials, enclosed chambers, assembly processes and other adjustments may be required for the desired application.



DB Unlimited gaskets are only available when purchased in small quantities for development and evaluation. In production quantities, gaskets will be included as a component of the final assembly to which a custom part number will be assigned.


Driving IE or IP products

Most electro-mechanical or piezo indicators require only DC voltage to operate. Increased voltage may provide higher output.


Driving TE or TP products

Electro-mechanical and piezo transducers require a drive signal to operate. While piezo-based transducers can use either square wave or sine wave signals, square wave signals are suggested for electro-mechanical transducers.


Handling piezo benders

Avoid touching the ceramic surfaces of piezo benders with bare hands or otherwise contaminated equipment. Contaminates will cause corrosion and performance issues.


Soldering to piezo benders

The ceramic on a piezo bender can be easily damaged while soldering lead wires to it. When soldering to a piezo bender it is important to complete the soldering process as quickly as possible with minimal heat to limit the ceramic's exposure to high temperatures.

DB Unlimited can deliver piezo benders with the required assembly already attached. Contact DB Unlimited with your requirements.


Soldering to electret-condenser microphones

Electret condenser microphones can be easily damaged by excessive heat when lead wires are added. When soldering to ECMs a heat sink is required.

DB Unlimited can deliver microphones with the required assembly already attached. Contact DB Unlimited with your requirements.