About Us

World Class Solutions

DB Unlimited provides world class audio solutions to maximize customer designs and help solve engineering design challenges, with a strong focus on providing industry leading customer service and customer support tools. We are committed to a continual pursuit of next generation technology and support.

We have the largest and most comprehensive offering of audio components in the industry ranging from simple indicators, transducers, and speakers to the latest MEMS technology used in our silicon microphones. In addition to our standard products, we offer custom design solutions allowing us to partner with our customers to solve their most challenging acoustic designs. Whether you have a simple technical question or comprehensive testing requirements, DB Unlimited is the answer.

We believe that great people make up a great company. So we employ the skills and expertise of some of the best people, manufacturer's representatives and distributors in the industry. Whether your needs are to talk with a local representative or someone on our engineering team halfway around the world, you can be confident that DB Unlimited has the solution to get the job done.

DB will continue to position itself for the future through the best employees, new technology, industry leading customer service and expanding our global presence.