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Whether it is an automobile, a recreational vehicle, or a mass transit system, applications in the transportation industry have special requirements for the electronic components they use. Special certifications for the factories in which these electronic components are manufactured, the environments in which the components are expected to perform, and how even the simplest component is somehow related to the safety of the end user are just a few reasons why many component manufactures avoid supporting transportation customers. At DB Unlimited, not only do we not avoid such customers, we focus on such customers.

We understand the extreme requirements of transportation applications. Several of our manufacturing facilities are TS16949 certified. We have the processes and procedures in place to give our transportation customers the confidence that they can rely on our products, regardless of whether they find themselves on an ATV or in the user interface of the latest model hybrid automobile.

We appreciate that the needs of each transportation customer are different and often require customization in order to achieve their desired results. From the simple adding of a specific length of lead wire, all the way to designing a custom product from scratch, DB Unlimited has the resources and commitment to serve the needs of our transportation customers.

We have the largest and most comprehensive offering of audio products in the industry. All of these choices can be somewhat overwhelming, so we have put together a quick search below geared specifically for transportation applications as a way to help you get started on your development journey.

Related Products
Part # Image TechnologyResonant Frequency (Hz)Rated Voltage (V)SPL @ 10cm (dBA)Height (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)ToneMount TypeSound PortWashableMax Input Voltage (V)Voltage Range (V)Max Rated Current (mA)RoHSHousing MaterialHousing ColorShapeWeight (g)Connection MethodLead Wire Length (mm)Pin Spacing 1 (mm)Pin Spacing 2 (mm)Pin Length 1 (mm)Pin Length 2 (mm)Operating Temp (°C)Storage Temp (°C)Contact MaterialSpecial FeaturesAdditional Mount Type
TP164003-2Piezo40003756.7016.5016.50Thru HoleTopNo251 ~ 255NORYLBlackRound5.00PC Pins11.006.50-20 ~ +60-20 ~ +60Copper
TP244009-1Piezo40009857.5024.0024.00Thru HoleTopNo301 ~ 307NORYLBlackRound3.00PC Pins10.006.00-20 ~ +60-20 ~ +60Copper
IP232912-1Piezo2900129516.0023.8023.80Single ToneThru HoleTopYes203 ~ 208NORYLBlackRound6.00PC Pins15.009.006.00-20 ~ +85-30 ~ +85Copper
IP432812-1Piezo28001211014.0043.0043.00Single ToneThru HoleTopNo203 ~ 2012ABSBlackRound11.00PC Pins25.405.70-20 ~ +60-30 ~ +70Copper
IP412812-1Piezo28001210616.0041.8041.80Single ToneFlange MountTopNo201.5 ~ 2010ABSBlackRound15.00Wire Leads140-20 ~ +60-30 ~ +70
IP432912-1Piezo29001210033.0043.0043.00Slow PulsePanel MountTopNo286 ~ 2820ABSBlackRound35.00Quick Connect Blades with Screws-20 ~ +60-30 ~ +70Copper
MO064002-1Electret Condenser22.206.006.00Flush MountTop101 ~ 100.5AluminumSilverRound0.20Solder Pads-10 ~ +50-20 ~ +60NIL
MO094001-2Electret Condenser1.56.709.709.70Flush MountTop101 ~ 100.5AluminumSilverRound0.80Solder Pads-10 ~ +50-20 ~ +60NIL
MO094001-1Electret Condenser1.54.509.709.70Flush MountTop101 ~ 100.5AluminumSilverRound0.70Solder Pads-10 ~ +50-20 ~ +60NIL
SP500408-1Dynamic4508512.2050.0050.00Flush MountMETALsilverRound14.80Solder Eyelets-20 ~ +60-20 ~ +60NIL