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Our normal operating hours are from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.



Purchase orders will only be accepted in writing by means of a company issued purchase order on company letter head. The purchase order must include the following:

  • Ship-to contacts including Company Name, Physical Address, and Phone Number
  • Bill-to contacts including Company Name, Physical Address, and Phone Number
  • Name of the buyer issuing the purchase order
  • Shipping instructions
  • Payment terms, as per the quote provided by DB Unlimited
  • Requested DB Unlimited part number
  • Unit Quantity
  • Unit price, as per the quote provided by DB Unlimited

All purchase orders are contingent upon the successful establishment of the purchase order issuing company as a recognized approved account of DB Unlimited.



A quote can be requested by contacting DB Unlimited, either through our website or directly, as well as by contacting any member of our sales channel. It is up to the discretion of DB Unlimited as to whether a quote will be issued direct or through our distribution sales channel. All quotes by default will be issued with shipping terms of F.O.B. DB Unlimited's factory or warehouse and payment terms will be net 30 days from the invoice date. Unless otherwise specified by DB Unlimited, any quote is good for 30 days from the date issued.



DB Unlimited prides itself on a high level of quality and service. We strive to ensure that our products match their associated specification 100% of the time. Although unlikely, should you receive products that do not meet their associated specification, please contact DB Unlimited in order to receive an RMA (Return Material authorization).

RMA's are only available for products that have been purchased in the previous 12 months. Any RMA that is issued by DB Unlimited is valid for 30 days from the date issued. Any RMA received outside of this 30 day window will be rejected and returned at the cost of the customer. Any credit for returned product is subject to the validation by DB Unlimited that the product is in fact defective or damaged.

Once the product is received and the problem is validated, we will promptly credit your account or replace the product.



At DB Unlimited, we have partnered with the best distribution channel partners in the world, making the availability to most of our standard products only days away from just about anywhere on the globe. This being the case, we encourage you to start with your preferred member of our distribution channel for the fastest and most cost-effective means to access our product. For North America only, we may provide samples on a case by case basis for qualified OEM and design engineers.


Terms and Conditions

1. Parties: DB Unlimited, LLC an Ohio limited liability company, shall be referred to as “DB”. Any individual, person, company and/or entity acquiring and/or purchasing from or through DB shall be referred to as "Buyer". All designs, drawings, samples, materials, products, components, parts, goods, or work described regardless of type, will be collectively referred to as "Product(s)".

2. Incorporated Documents: These Terms and Conditions are hereby incorporated and made part of any and all purchase orders, designs, drawings, quotations and confirmations and/or acceptances of any purchase order or drawing or design submitted and exchanged by and between DB and Buyer.

3. Pricing Adjustments: The prices quoted or stated for any Product do not include any sales, use, or other local, state or federal taxes unless specifically stated. Such taxes will be added to invoice prices in those instances in which DB is required to collect the same from the Buyer; provided however, if DB does not collect any such taxes and is later asked by or required to pay the same to any taxing authority, Buyer will make such payment to DB or, if requested by DB, directly, to the taxing authority. At DB's option, prices may be adjusted to reflect any increase in the costs of DB resulting from state, federal or local legislation, or any change in the rate, charge, or classification of any carrier.

4. Payment: Unless otherwise specified in writing by DB, all prices are F.O.B. from the factory or warehouse from which shipment is made, and payment will be net/cash 30 days from date of the invoice. Invoices unpaid and past due will be subject to a service charge on the unpaid balance at an interest rate equal to the lesser of eighteen percent (18%) per annum or the maximum allowable interest rate under applicable law, and Buyer shall be liable for all expenses incurred by DB in collection of any outstanding amounts due, including filing fees, reasonable attorneys' fees, and other expenses incurred by DB in the collection process.

5. Credit Approval: All of DB’s credit requirements and other guidelines must be met and current in order to receive credit terms. If those terms requirements are not met, advance payment may be required before acceptance of any purchase order.

6. Scheduling: All requested scheduling changes are contingent on the prior written acceptance by DB. Buyer understands that all additional charges associated with any scheduling changes shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

7. Delivery Dates, Title/ Risk and Shipment: All delivery dates are approximate, and DB shall not be liable for any damages of any kind related to or resulting from any delay in shipment or receipt. Regardless of the manner of shipment, title to any Products and risk of loss or damage thereto shall pass to Buyer upon tender to the carrier from the source of the shipment to the Buyer by DB, except in those instances in which delivery is made by DB's own transportation vehicles. Unless otherwise stated herein, Buyer may exercise its judgment in choosing the carrier and means of delivery. No deferment of shipment, requested by the Buyer, beyond the respective dates indicated will be made except under terms that will indemnify DB against any and all loss, damage and/or additional expenses, including, but not limited to demurrage, handling, storage and insurance charges or fees.

8. Warranty: DB warrants its Products to be free from defects in material and workmanship, for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment to the original Buyer and customers of DB's authorized distributors, only as to normal and proper use of the Products in accordance with specifications and instructions of DB. DB's liability under such warranty or in connection with any other claim relating to the Products shall be limited in nature and shall not include any damages, expenses or costs other than, at DB's option, the repair or replacement of the Products, or a refund of the purchase price, of any Products which are returned to DB freight prepaid and which are defective in material or workmanship. Products thereof which are repaired or replaced by DB will be returned to Buyer freight collect. The Warranty specifically excludes damages not created by DB including those which originate with or are created by the Buyer due to mishandling, unauthorized use and/or repairs, those damages originating in shipping, and products identified in writing to have a shorter warranty period or less comprehensive warranty than that offered herein by DB.

This warranty is not intended to cover consumer products, as defined in the Magnuson-Moss Warranty-Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 2301-12, which are purchased by Buyer for purposes other than resale. If Buyer is not intending to resell the Products, and if the Products are consumer products as defined in the Magnuson-Moss Act, the foregoing warranty, including but not in limitation to any liability of DB, shall be null and void. This warranty is only applicable if all of Buyer’s accounts are current, fully paid and in up to date status as to all payments and other requirements, including but not limited to all amounts owed DB.


9. Excess Materials: Any unique excess inventory caused due to the following will be the responsibility of the Buyer: a) Minimum purchase quantities beyond the actual order, b) Non-returnable/non-cancelable materials, or c) Design changes. In addition, any materials purchased for an order that is delayed at the request of the Buyer will be billed to the Buyer after 6 months if the order has still not been filled.

10. Cancellations: After acceptance by DB, orders shall not be subject to cancellation by Buyer, except with DB’s prior written consent and upon terms that will indemnify DB against all direct, incidental, and consequential losses or damages as the result of said cancellation. In the event of an approved cancellation, cancellation charges may apply. All cancellation charges shall be the responsibility of the Buyer. Cancellation charges will be calculated based on the status of product in process (value will be determined on raw materials costs associated with work order in process and labor charged to the job), raw materials in stock or on order or purchased that cannot be returned due to minimum buying requirements, and Non-Cancelable and Non-Refundable engineering charges. The Buyer understands that cancellation charges may exceed the value of the order because excess materials apply. Any approval and consent to a Buyer’s cancellation of an accepted order shall be at DB’s sole discretion.

11. Claims; Commencement of Actions: Buyer shall promptly inspect all Products upon delivery. No claims for shortages will be allowed unless such shortages are reported in writing to DB within 10 calendar days after delivery. No other claims against DB will be allowed unless notice is sent in writing to
DB Unlimited, LLC
61 Marco Lane,
Dayton, OH 45458.