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May. 28, 2014

Introducing DB Unlimited’s TP094003-1

DB Unlimited is pushing the limits of technology yet again with the introduction of their TP094003-1. At 9x9x1.9 mm in size, the TP094003-1 is one of the smallest surface mount piezo transducers on the market today. In addition to its small size, it is capable of 65 dBA at 10cm with a maximum current draw of only 3 mA.

The TP094003-1 is ideal for customer applications where small size and low current consumption are high priorities.


  • Extremely small package size at 9x9x1.9 mm
  • Low current consumption at 3 mA
  • High performance to size ratio


  • Dimension: 9 (L)×9 (W)×1.9 (H) mm
  • Weight: 0.2g
  • Rated Voltage: 3V
  • Max Voltage: 25V
  • Max Rated Current: 3mA
  • Resonance Frequency: 4kHz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 65dB @ 10cm
  • Operation Temp Range: -30℃~+70℃