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Sep. 25, 2020

MW 67 Series Waterproof Mic Assemblies

DB Unlimited announces their New MW Line of Waterproof Microphone Assemblies as the latest expansion of their 67 Series

With the continued success of DB Unlimited’s SW Line of waterproof speakers, the next obvious call to answer was the release of their MW Line of Waterproof Microphone Assemblies to address their customers’ need to keep water out of their products and still provide a high level audio performance.

As an expansion of their 67 Series of products and building on their experience with custom microphones with waterproof value add solutions, DB Unlimited’s MW Line of Microphone Assemblies adds a lineup of turnkey waterproof ECM assemblies across a broad range of sensitivities to their standard product catalog. The starting line-up includes both 4mm and 6mm microphones in sensitivities between -42dB and -25dB, delivered with waterproof filters, filtering capacitors, isolating boots and wire assemblies with waterproof coated solder joints. These turnkey solutions allow for rapid and easy integration in, and development of, waterproof products deployed in challenging environments.

Key Features:

  • 4mm and 6mm ECM configurations
  • Sensitivities of -42dB, -36dB, -30dB and even -25dB in both size configurations
  • IP67 Filter covering over the sound port
  • Integrated 10pF and 33pF filtering capacitors to minimize wireless interference
  • Isolating boot to prevent unwanted noise pickup, reinforce the waterproof filter and create a snug fit in your products housing
  • Lead wires with waterproof sealant covering the rear of the microphone and the solder joint
  • A complete turnkey, ready to go to production, waterproof microphone assembly

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