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Nov. 14, 2017

70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water.

DB Unlimited’s 67 Series Waterproof Speakers keep it out of your product.

DB Unlimited understands it isn’t just about keeping sand and surf out of a portable speaker during a day of fun in the sun.

  • It’s about first-responders having clear communications regardless of the environment when they answer the call.
  • It’s about lifesaving medical equipment providing clear feedback and alarms without wipe-down procedures damaging the speaker or letting liquid inside the device.
  • It’s about heavy equipment operators being able to count on their warning devices working after being sprayed down and that mud and water haven’t damaged internal electronics.

DB Unlimited’s 67 Series Waterproof Speakers are specifically designed and manufactured to provide IP67 protection. Not only will they survive and operate normally after being exposed to splashes, spills and sprays, DB’s 67 Series will keep dust, water and pretty much anything else Nature can come up with, out of your product.*

Whether it is from condensation, precipitation, perspiration or even submersion, DB Unlimited’s 67 Series Waterproof Speakers will keep the water out of your product.*

The 67 Series’ starting line-up includes 4Ω and 8Ω speakers, ranging from 18mm to 44mm. They come in round, rectangle and oval frames; with and without mounting flanges. Supporting frequencies as low as 300Hz, DB Unlimited’s 67 Series speakers are suitable for virtually every audio application requiring water resistance.

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*When mounted appropriately