What's Up

Jan. 28, 2020


Surface mount transducers have evolved in size over the last couple decades in response to the design challenges of smaller, more feature packed electronic devices. In the early 2000's, we saw the emergence of the 5x5x3mm package size. The next big step forward came about a decade later with the 4x4x2mm package size. DB Unlimited is excited to announce their part number TE034003-1, as the next evolution of the smallest surface mount transducer. With a package size of 3.2x3.2x2mm the TE034003-1 is 36% smaller than even its latest predecessors, while delivering practically the same SPL and resonant frequency.

Some applications require big sound, while others do not. To some applications reducing a component's size by a millimeter means nothing, while to others it can mean everything. For those applications where space is at an ultimate premium, DB Unlimited's TE034003-1 is the next evolutionary step forward in surface mount transducers.


  • Extremely small 3.2x3.2x2mm package size
  • Ideal sound output for wearables and small handheld devices
  • Surface Mount

See full specifications for DB Unlimited's TE034003-1 here